Welcome to Sunday Energy, a jewelry line curated to inspire living each day with intention. The jewelry we wear each day is usually the final touch when it comes to getting ready and setting the tone for the day. Who do we want to be today? How do we want to feel when we step outside? Our favorite part of Sunday Energy is being a part of that experience for you.  

Each piece of Sunday Energy jewelry is curated with you in mind. Our jewelry is for the individuals who want to live a purpose filled life. When we ship your jewelry orders, we send it out with an intention of love. When the jewelry reaches your hands, you have the opportunity to set your own personal intentions as well. This way, each time you put on your Sunday Energy necklace, ring or earrings, you’re reminded of the intention you set for yourself. 

If you believe in magic, love and living a purpose driven life. If you love to adorn yourself in dainty jewelry with meaning — you’re going to love Sunday Energy. 



Melissa Flores

Hi there! I'm Melissa, founder of Sunday Energy, Dominican-American and lover of all things beauty, mystical and soul-led. Years ago I decided to combine my love of beauty and lifestyle and launched a YouTube channel. There I was able to share my life with an audience of women who related to my everyday life struggles and joys. On my channel (which I still upload on) you can find a variety of videos ranging from personal vlogs, beauty tutorials and motivational talks. Two years ago, I decided to dive deeper into my passion for Jewelry and launched my own jewelry brand, Sunday Energy. Sunday Energy has quickly blossomed from a passion project to a thriving business and I have all of you to thank for that.

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by, read a little bit of my story and become a part of it by supporting Sunday Energy.